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mywater® purifiers are the world’s first intelligent and fully automated system that convert all types of contaminated tap water into pure mineral water, right when you need it. The purifiers uses industry standard cyclic Reverse Osmosis (RO) processing and mineral infusion to create mineral water in a small mechanical footprint. In addition, smart sensors embedded all over the system continuously monitor and ensure that all components are operating at optimum efficiency. These sensors also enable live water quality monitoring for consumers using a mobile app.

Why is mywater® different?

Water can be an essential source of minerals for the human body. Water consist of over 70% of our body composition, so it is only important to make sure that the water we drink is as pure as nature intended it to be.

mywater® solves problem efficiently by using proprietary Adaptive Micro-Cyclic Processing (AM-CP®) which uses NSF® certified Reverse Osmosis (RO) purification techniques using high quality components from Dow® and LG® to ensure all contaminants are removed from tap water. Furthermore, mywater® uses proprietary sensor technology in the system to give a greater visibility to the user of the water they are consuming. This gives you control of your drinking water.

Why is mywater ® smart?

mywater® has equipped each of the purifiers with sensors that can monitor water quality, system health and usage data, live from every drop dispensed. Our mobile app gives each user greater insight on how our systems are performing and making headaches of maintenance, a thing of the past. Our service team continuously monitor each system and schedules a visit for any type of service. We call this preventive maintenance, fixing the problem before it happens. This makes mywater® a hassle-free solution for all users.


Let's Reduce Plastic Waste Together!


Plastic Bottles Saved

We at mywater® are putting up a fight against drinking water in plastic bottles, which contributes greatly towards plastic waste in our communities. We are revolutionizing the method of how mineral water gets to your glass.

Every drop from the mywater® system contributes towards reducing plastic waste from the environment which is the prevailing global sustainability problem. An environmental crisis is looming and not using water which harms our environment and communities is a productive step forward. Please join us on our quest to reduce plastic waste caused from usage of bottled water, starting from Pakistan and to the world.

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